Are you satisfied with your hosting provider? If not, it’s time to move your website.

Migrating a WordPress Website has never been easier,we will migrate the whole website from one server to another with no down time.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Quick responses
Full transfer within 24 Hours.
Downloadable full backup of your website
$20.00 Only
Move Your Files

Our team will backup and move all your files and existing data to the new host.

Fix all Permalinks

We will query the Database and fix your permalinks based on need.

Copy or Sync E-mail Addresses

Our team will create, Copy or Sync E-mail Addresses from your old hosting to the new one.

Point the domain to the new host

We are now ready to point your domain to the new host so the world can enjoy your website again.

Backup and restore the Database

Our team will backup your Database, and restore it on the new hosting server.

Clear Data

We will clean your database from any transient Data, for example:Revisions, Deleted comments, Deleted pages or posts.

Run a Full Test

We will test the website locally and browse the site on the new host without making it public.

Install SSL

we can Install the SSL Certificate, and make sure your site runs on https.